Stacking documents and naming them correctly speeds study reviews

Please remember to stack the new document versions upon previous versions using the “Revise” button in CLARA when submitting revised items in a modification or contingency response.  Stacking items ensures that the newest version of each document can be easily identified and that the correct version will be listed in the approval letter. Please also remember to enter a complete document name for each item, including the type of document, the version number, the date, and whether it is the clean or tracked changes version, e.g. “Informed consent version 3, 7/1/2014, clean copy.” Stacking and naming documents correctly will speed review of your study. If the documents are not managed correctly in CLARA, the IRB may return the study to you with a contingency to correct the stacking/naming before the submission can be reviewed.

Instructions for stacking documents can be found under the “Help” tab in CLARA. Click on the “managing documents” link under “Protocols” in the “Help” section.

And to those study teams who are already stacking and naming documents correctly — thank you! We do notice — and appreciate — when items are uploaded in a way that makes them easy to find and review.