Earn CRS credit for an upcoming data security webinar

An upcoming webinar on data security will offer CRS elective credit. The UAMS Office of Research Compliance is to host the PRIM&R webinar “Data Security Incidents – the Role of IRBs and Information Security” on Thursday, February 26, from 12:00-1:30 p.m. in the Walton Auditorium on the 10th floor of the Cancer Institute.

An overview of the webinar: The potential for data security incidents in research with human subjects requires institutional review boards (IRBs) to work closely with information security experts both to prevent these types of incidents and, if they do occur, to respond effectively to meet the strict reporting requirements. Regulators look closely at an institution’s response to data security incidents, including the quality of the analysis of the event and the institution’s efforts to mitigate further incidents.  In this webinar, experts in information security and research ethics will explain reporting requirements and regulatory definitions, define the roles of the IRB and information security department, and describe procedures to coordinate response to security breaches. These procedures can ensure timely reporting by researchers, prompt response by information security and/or the IRB, accurate documentation, and prevention of additional incidents.

The background provided by this webinar will help study staff learn about issues related to data security and help guide interactions with the IRB and information security experts regarding protecting research data. And remember, you will also earn CRS credit for attending.

This course is not listed in Training Tracker and no preregistration is required. When arriving at the class, please be sure to sign in to get CRS credit.