How to check your study’s status in CLARA

Wondering where your study is in the review process? The “History” tab in CLARA documents everything that has happened to a study since its submission. It will let you know where in the review process your study is. This feature is a big change from the IRB’s old submission system, ARIA. There was no way for research teams to look up a study’s status in ARIA themselves; getting a status update required calling the IRB office.

The History tab is one of the options you’ll see when you log into a protocol in CLARA:

History tab

Under the history tab, you’ll see where your project is in the review process, and who has been assigned to handle whichever step it is in. Please keep in mind that, depending on the study in question, many other groups may need to review the project before it even gets to the IRB. All of those other reviews will also show up in the history tab. So if your project is with, say, the budget reviewers (who are separate from the IRB and see the study before the IRB does), you’ll know to contact the budget reviewers directly with any questions.