Upcoming live course on Research Misconduct offers CRS and SOCRA credit

Check one of your Certified Research Specialist requirements off your to-do list by attending an upcoming live class — and earn some SOCRA credit to boot. Dr. Thomas Cunningham of the Medical Humanities department is scheduled to present a class on Research Misconduct Friday, May 29, from 11 am to 1 pm. The class will take place in the College of Public Health building, room G232.

You can sign up for this class through Training Tracker. Please note that the time listed in Training Tracker is incorrect; the correct time is 11am to 1pm. Training Tracker registration closes 24 hours prior to the class start time. However, you can attend this class even if you’re not able to sign up in advance. Whether you pre-enroll or not, please be sure to sign the attendance sheets at the class to ensure you get your education credit. And please consider attending this class even if you already have your CRS certificate, or aren’t pursuing one! Live classes are a great opportunity to meet other people who work in research and to ask questions of speakers who are pros in their field.