First blog quiz for CRS credit hour expires soon

The first IRB Blog quiz you can take to earn 0.5 hours toward earning or retaining your Certified Research Specialist (CRS) certificate will be available for only about another month! So hurry and log on at to earn your credit. We’re planning to post a second quiz around September 18, and the first quiz will no longer be online once the new one is posted.

Remember that you can earn 0.5 elective CRS hours for each quiz, and we plan to post one every three months. That means you can earn up to 2 hours each year at times that are convenient for you! For more information about how to log on and earn credit, see our June 18 blog entry.

And while you may be telling yourself, “Hey, I’ve got time — Sept. 18 is still a ways off,” remember that dates on the calendar are closer than they appear. So log on as soon as you can to complete the activity and get that much closer to earning or keeping your CRS certification!