Are your students/residents/fellows flummoxed by the IRB process?

Many UAMS students, residents, and/or fellows must complete a research project as part of their education. The research project part, they can cope with. The IRB submission process that precedes the research project, on the other hand, seems weird and mysterious and maybe a little unnerving to them.

IRB staffers are happy to provide information about the IRB submission process upon request. One way we do that is by being available to make presentations to groups explaining the ins and outs of the IRB process. We find these workshops to be helpful to everyone involved. The attendees appreciate the introduction to the IRB, and the IRB staff likes to get out and meet the people who are sending in projects for review.

So if you are part of a group that you think may benefit from an IRB submission process refresher, please get in touch with Edith Paal in the IRB office at to schedule one.