UAMS and the community — things AAHRPP will want to know

UAMS’ reach extends across the state and beyond — and that reach includes our research endeavors as well. The Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP), as it reviews our application for reaccreditation, will look at (among many other items) how UAMS engages with our research participants (current or prospective) and our larger research community.

Some of our outreach methods include the research link at the website, and clinical trials information available via the website. Research projects run with the assistance of our regional health centers and different community partners help us reach people in geographically and culturally diverse parts of the state, such as Marshallese Islanders in northwest Arkansas, and residents who face distance and affordability barriers to healthcare access. The UAMS Translational Research Institute also works with many community partners; see the institute’s Community webpage for more information. UAMS also uses social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and more traditional media, such as print and television ads, to get its message across.

In evaluating our human research protection program, AAHRPP will expect our IRB members to be able to describe the characteristics and culture of the communities in which they oversee research. When reviewing studies, try to remain aware of the breadth of the communities from which we recruit research participants. We’ve seen recruitment occur in places such as the Race for the Cure registration areas, community organizations that serve Latin American immigrants, college health fairs, as well as in our main campus clinics.