What’s a “studywide note” in CLARA?

On some of the studies you’re assigned, you’ll see something in the notes/comments/contingencies section labeled as a “studywide note.” As you probably know, most notes you see in CLARA are associated with only a single CLARA form, e.g. you’ll see notes associated with a particular continuing review form only when you’re reviewing that continuing review. “Studywide notes” are different, in that they appear with every form that’s in CLARA. So you’ll see them no matter which form you’re looking at in CLARA. They are typically written by office staff, and include information about that particular study that the note author thinks may be helpful to reviewers at any point in the study.

So when you see a studywide note in CLARA, please remember that it is likely not specific to the form that you are reviewing at that time, but may contain information that provides some background to the current review.