If you see something, say something. Like when the minutes you’re to approve are for the wrong date.

We’ve noticed that if we’re not very, very careful, CLARA has the tendency to pull minutes from the wrong meeting to add to the agenda. The reason for this relates to a CLARA quirk involving the timing of agenda creation and meeting finalization in the CLARA system. CLARA is supposed to pull the minutes from the previous month’s meeting to be voted on during the current month’s corresponding meeting. However, if we get the timing off, CLARA will pull the meeting from two months ago, rather than last month. The long and short of it is that some meeting minutes will get voted on twice, and others won’t get voted on at all.

We are working in the office to make sure the correct meeting minutes are pulled for each agenda. However, since every extra set of eyes helps, we ask that you double-check the agendas to make sure the meeting minutes you are to vote on are for the previous month, and not for the meeting two months prior. If the date is wrong (or if anything else about the agenda seems wrong), please let either the IRB chair or the office know so we can get it corrected before the problem snowballs.