Tips about Human Subject Protection training through CITI

The IRB requires current human subject protection training through CITI ( for everyone listed as staff on research studies. CITI training is now valid for 3¬†years (up from the previous 2 years). CLARA automatically tracks CITI training status, and it’s accurate — most of the time. Here are some pointers to increase the likelihood that your CITI training status will show as “current” in CLARA:

  1. Actually stay current on CITI training. People whose training had expired when we switched to the 3-year approval period need to log in and take the current course, even if it had been less than 3 years since they last took it. We extended the approval period for those who were current at the time of the switch, but not for those whose training had expired.
  2. When you create a learner account in CITI, please sign in using the name and email that match those you use in CLARA. The two systems are more likely to communicate with each other that way.
  3. Be sure to affiliate with UAMS. We see a lot of people accidentally sign up for the UALR course, which will not fulfill our training requirements for people who work at UAMS.

Please note that when we notice CLARA showing someone’s CITI training has expired, we don’t automatically send you a contingency. We first double-check in the CITI system to confirm your status. However, staying current and making it as easy as possible for our systems to show you as current will speed the verification process up for everyone.