UAMS.EDU education requirements reminders

Few things are more frustrating than getting your new submission all shipshape, or submitting your continuing review form on time to get a renewal before it expires, only to get a contingency back indicating that somebody on your study staff needs to complete human subject protection training on The online course must be retaken every three years to remain current. Here are some reminders to help make sure everybody stays current on required training:

  1. The required courses are one of the following: Biomedical Research or Social/Behavioral Research. Please note that we cannot accept any of the courses that include “Responsible Conduct of Research” in the title as meeting the IRB’s education requirement. While you may have to take these to meet certain funding agency requirements, you will still need to take either the basic Biomedical or Social/Behavioral research course.
  2. When you log into, you will be asked to affiliate with an institution. The IRB routinely accepts affiliations with UAMS and Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute affiliations, so be sure you are clicking on the correct affiliation. We will also consider courses completed through other institutions, say, for a faculty member new to UAMS, but will have to consider those individually. We generally do not accept CITI training taken under a UALR affiliation, as the UALR courses don’t cover all the material related to research done here.