New Plain Language consent template available on IRB website

Dog Consent

The complicated language we often see in consent form has long frustrated subjects, IRB reviewers, and researchers. In an effort to make consent forms more readily understandable, the UAMS Center for Health Literacy, with input from others on campus, has developed a Plain Language consent form template that researchers can adapt to their studies. The template is now available on the IRB’s website, under New Study Tools

When using the template, please pay close attention to the help text, and feel free to revise any text (even template text) as needed to make the consent information fit your study. Some of the template text may not be applicable to your study, and should be deleted or revised. The template is helpful guide, but is not one-size-fits all.

Please also keep in mind that plain language consents will undergo the same sort of reviews applicable to all consent forms, to ensure the study is accurately described and all regulatory requirements are addressed. So while we encourage the use of a simplified language template, we remind you that you still need to pay close attention to all the consent language and adjust it as needed to fit your study.