Please describe subject compensation in great and gory detail

One issue the IRB pays close attention to is the proposed compensation for study subjects. When submitting studies, please make sure your materials clearly and thoroughly describe the compensation. The total amount it’s possible to earn for completing the study must be mentioned, as does how compensation will be prorated if subjects don’t complete all study activities. The IRB (and your subjects) will also want to know how and when the subjects will be paid — by gift card or cash at each study visit? By check at the end of participation? And if you’re using gift cards, please let us know what kind of gift card – store such as Wal-Mart or Target, a grocery store, another retail option, a prepaid credit card, etc. — you plan to use. That information lets the IRB review whether it is appropriate for the target audience. For example, the IRB may not allow you to distribute gas station gift cards if there’s a reasonable chance your study population does not drive.