Seeking study subjects? The Registry may be able to help

If you’re trying to think of ways to find people who might be interested in your study, the UAMS Translational Research Institute (TRI) may be able to help. TRI’s volunteer registry provides investigators with access to nearly 3,000 potential research participants located primarily in Arkansas.

Like all recruitment mechanisms, database access requires IRB approval. Your study protocol must describe your intent to use the registry for recruitment, and must indicate how you plan to contact registrations (e.g. by phone, email, mail, etc.). Once you have received IRB approval, please submit your request and current IRB approval letter through the TRI Services Portal.

The ARresearch registry database is available to all UAMS faculty, including those at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and its Research Institute and the Central Arkansas Veterans Healthcare System. The registry includes demographic data, general disease categories, and a “Healthy Volunteer” option the registrants have selected as their interest areas for future studies.

To learn more, please browse the Frequently Asked Questions page on the TRI website. For additional information, please contact Sandra Hatley at, or call (501) 686-5417.