Arkansas Children’s Hospital logo change — ACH researchers, this may be of interest!

We’ve learned, here at IRB Blog headquarters, that Arkansas Children’s Hospital is revising its logo. A researcher asked if she needed to submit modifications for study documents she needs to change to replace only the logo.

In a word, no. If the only change you need to make is to update the logo, there is no need to submit modifications to the IRB, as the logo change does not relate to the criteria for approval of research. Also, if we required modifications for this change, IRB office work would grind to a halt as we processed all the modifications.

Please note — if you are changing anything else in addition to the ACH logo on your documents, you’ll need to submit a modification as usual. Also, as of now, please don’t assume that *all* logo changes can be implemented without notifying the IRB. Right now this applies only to the ACH logo change. Please contact the IRB if, say, your study sponsor’s logo changes and you need to modify documents, so we can discuss the situation individually with you.