Searching the blogs

Q. How can I search for a specific blog item that I know I’ve seen, but I don’t know when?

A. Short answer: If you know of a way, do let us know, because we haven’t been able to figure one out.  Long answer: Someone had a great idea that we thought we’d share. If you’re reading this, you probably know that we send out regular emails recapping recent blog additions. Save all of those emails in an archive folder titled something creative, like “blog emails.” Then, if you look for a certain item, use Outlook’s search function to search the emails’ text to find what you’re looking for. Here at IRB Blog headquarters, we’ll do our best to include relevant keywords in our emails to make things easy to find.

Yet another answer (big thanks to contracts attorney Nathan Chaney for both reading the blog and for chiming in):

You can do this by typing and then the search terms. So, this search: consent grade

yields results relating to the grade level for consent forms. This works for other sites as well, and you can add path information to limit your search (e.g., searching for consent lists all current policies that reference consents). 

We have messed around with this and found that it works when we type in the suggested search in the address box at the top of a web browser page. One downside is that it returns everything on the IRB’s website with those search terms, but it’s a start.

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