Scary goings-on in the CLARA document files

Well, we must admit we’ve been a little spooked lately by some of the document stacking issues we’ve seen in CLARA. Nothing chills our bones quite as much as seeing tracked-changes and clean copies of revised documents in a single stack. We shiver in horror whenever we have to send something back to have you restack the documents correctly, because we know that slows everybody down. To prevent that particular fright, please remember to put all clean copies in one stack, the most recent on top, and all tracked-changes copies in a separate stack, also with the most recent on top. If you have clean and tracked-changes copies stacked on top of each other, there’s a stacking problem that needs to be corrected before the IRB can review your submission. Another tip — it’s a huge help to everyone if you type complete, descriptive document names into CLARA when naming documents. “Pumpkins and health Protocol v2 dated 10.31.17 clean” is good. “IRB” is not (and yes, we’ve things submitted with documents titled “IRB”).

Note that CLARA has a “Help” section that walks you through the process of uploading and naming documents. To access it, click on the “Help” link in the black bar at the top of your CLARA screen, and look for “Managing Documents” under the “Protocols” heading.