Thank you to all of the research community who are participating in the AAHRPP accreditation process.  If you have questions, please contact IRB Office for assistance.

Site Visit Information

Dates:  May 18-20, 2021

Location:  Virtual Site Visit using Zoom.
Each interviewee will receive a Zoom link with video + audio call-in information.

Time:  Each interview will be scheduled for a specific time.  You will receive a meeting invitation for your interview time.  Please remember to be on time for your interview, as the interview sessions are exact.

Site Visitors:  TBD


Interview Preparation Documents

All Interviewees
Interview Basics

Researchers and Research Staff
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Investigator Statement of Assurance
Investigator Qualifications
AAHRPP Standards for Research and Research Staff

IRB Members
Criteria for IRB Approval of Research
IRB Policy 3.6:  IRB Members
IRB Policy 4.1:  IRB Committees and Subcommittees
IRB Reviewer Checklists (PDF of checklists available to you in CLARA)

IRB Chairs and Vice Chairs
IRB Policy 3.4:  IRB Chair and Vice Chair
See also items listed for IRB Members

IRB Staff
IRB Policy 4.6: IRB Staff Responsibilities

Reporting and Assessing Events
IRB Policy 2.6:  Reporting to Appropriate Federal Oversight Bodies, the Institutional Official, Research Sponsors/Funders, and HRPP Accrediting Bodies
IRB Policy 12.5:  Reports of Potential Non-compliance
IRB Policy 12.6:  Findings of Non-compliance under IRB Policy 12.5

Institutional Officials (Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, other UAMS leadership)
AAHRPP Standards for the Organization
AAHRPP Element for Institutional Conflict of Interest Requirements
Human Research Protection Program Plan

Conflict of Interest
UAMS Conflict of Interest Office
AAHRPP Standards for Conflict of Interest
AAHRPP Tip Sheet 10

Research Legal/General Counsel
AAHRPP Standards for Contracting Responsibilities
AAHRPP Tip Sheet 25
AAHRPP Standards Discussion Procedures for Identifying and Following Applicable Laws

Research Training and Education Representatives
AAHRPP Standards Discussing Research Training and Education
AAHRPP Tip Sheet 11
AAHRPP Tip Sheet 18

Investigational Pharmacies
AAHRPP Standards for Control and Handling of Investigational Products
AAHRPP Tip Sheet 11

Community Outreach and Participant Advocacy
UAMS TRI Community Engagement Webpage
IRB Policy 4.7: Participant Contact
AAHRPP Standards Discussing Participant and Community Outreach