June 5, 2017

UAMS Box is another data storage option

We’ve heard from some research staff, and confirmed with UAMS Information Security, that UAMS Box is now being offered as a storage option for research data.

Box makes it easier to share data with collaborators, all while maintaining appropriate levels of access and security.

“Box is a secure site and we have a Business Associate Agreement with them,” says UAMS Chief Information Security Officer Steve Cochran. “It will be safe to store research data containing PHI (protected health information).”

More information about Box can be found online.  You will need a UAMS login to be able to access this information. This page also contains links to general information about Box, and also to a PDF version of a UAMS Box end user guide. The IT department can also help people get set up on Box.

Cochran reminds researchers that, as always, PHI cannot be shared with external users unless there is a business need and the appropriate documentation is in place.