17 Special Populations

IRB Policy 17.1 Children in Research

IRB Policy 17.2 Person with Diminished Functional Capacity

IRB Policy 17.3 Economically and Educationally Disadvantaged (see archive)

IRB Policy 17.4 Subjects in Long Term Care

IRB Policy 17.5 International Research (see archive)

IRB Policy 17.6 Minorities

IRB Policy 17.7 Non-English Speaking (see archive)

IRB Policy 17.8 Pregnant Women, Human Fetuses and Neonates Involved in Research

IRB Policy 17.9 Prisoners Involved in Research

IRB Policy 17.10 Students, Employees and Healthy Volunteers

IRB Policy 17.11 Stored Data or Tissues in Research

IRB Policy 17.12 Terminally Ill Patients (see archive)

IRB Policy 17.13 Legally Authorized Representatives

IRB Policy 17.14 Planned Emergency Research at UAMS