How do I access CLARA?

We tried to activate CLARA accounts for everyone who was listed on an active protocol in ARIA, so if you fit that description, you should be able to access CLARA with your UAMS login and password.

While we might still need to activate your account for some reason, please check to see if you have an active account in CLARA before requesting one.

How do I request an account in CLARA?

If your UAMS login and password aren’t working in CLARA, please contact the IRB Office, and we will activate your account.

If you don’t have a UAMS login and password, complete the CLARA Account Request form. The IRB office will create your account, and the system will send your login and temporary password to the email address entered in the request form.

Why am I not receiving my email notifications from CLARA?

Sometimes messages from CLARA will be marked as spam by your email client. Please check your spam folder for messages from “”

To prevent messages from CLARA from being marked as spam, follow these instructions: Mark as Not Junk

How do I upload a CV in CLARA?

CVs can be uploaded directly to user profiles in CLARA, rather than to individual studies. Adding them to your profile will automatically link the CV to every study on which you are listed as an investigator or staffer.

To upload a CV to your profile, use the “Upload CV” function at the lower left of the profile screen, under “Your Account.”