Review Process FAQs

How does prereview work?

The IRB office now reviews submissions to ensure that they are complete and accurate prior to placing them on a Full Board Agenda or sending them to an Expedited Reviewer for review.

The IRB prereviewer may send you a contingency letter asking you to address certain items in your submission. These items need to be resolved before the prereviewer can move the submission forward to be reviewed.

Why am I being charged an IRB Review Fee?

The IRB has been charging IRB review fees for over 12 years, though system issues have made collection problematic.

CLARA resolves many of these issues, however, so you will now need to enter a departmental account number in CLARA in order to complete a new submission. Your department’s administrator or business manager should be able to supply you with the necessary information.

IRB review fees generally apply, even if your study does not have outside funding.